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Urotrin is a 100% natural product designed to help men take meticulous care of their prostate. In addition, the natural supplement provides reliable prevention of chronic prostatitis. One cycle of supplementation, will help neutralize the symptoms and causes of prostatitis.

This is possible thanks to the product's bioformula. It contains only extracts of various plants and herbs with proven beneficial properties. This is why Urotrin works so effectively and gives the best results for your health and virility.

The supplement is designed in the form of capsules for daily intake. Their regular use does not cause any unwanted reactions or side effects. The product can effectively relieve pain and all other symptoms of chronic prostatitis and at the same time prevent further prostate health problems. The natural formula contains valuable ingredients such as cranberry, nettle, chamomile and others.

Urotrin - composition and properties:

Here, we are going to share with you some details related to the individual characteristics of the main natural ingredients included in the powerful natural formula of Uritrin. All these extracts have been carefully selected by eminent experts to create a powerful multi-natural complex that effectively protects prostate health.

  • Cranberry (Vaccinium extract)
    Contains sphenolic acids, anthocyanins, phenolic acids, leucanthocyanins, betaine, catechins, and other trace minerals that neutralize genitourinary infections. They also prevent bacteria from entering the body.
  • Nettle (nettle extract)
    This ingredient contains 6 isolectins that stimulate the synthesis of the main male hormone, testosterone. Beneficial for the male genitourinary system, ensures normal erections, libido and a healthy prostate.
  • Chamomile (chamomile extract)
    Contains beneficial substances such as tannins, coumarin, glycosides, flavonoids, choline, essential oil. These active ingredients are able to repair tissues and mucous membranes. They also relieve inflammation in the prostate and regulate body functions .
  • Pinot (pine extract)
    This active ingredient is rich in phytoandrogens that improve hormones and relieve prostate inflammation. The extract also increases libido levels.

Urotrin is an innovative and 100% natural remedy designed to take care of the prostate and its normal functioning. The biocapsules can be taken daily as they do not cause any side effects.

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