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Improves hearing by allowing you to pick up distant sounds and alleviating discomfort such as tinnitus.

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Otoryx is an innovative capsule designed to improve hearing. The nutritional supplement is made from natural ingredients and this is what sets it apart from similar products. The properties of the capsules are anti-inflammatory, protective, analgesic, stimulating, corrective.

The active ingredients of Otoryx penetrate the blood and auditory centers, improve blood supply to the brain, relieve dizziness and a feeling of congestion in the ears. The components of the capsules promote healing of the eardrums and provide better movement of impulses to the receptors located in the inner ear.

The food supplement Otoryx stops the activity of pathogenic microflora and thus stops the inflammatory process (otitis media) that negatively affects hearing.

Composition of Otoryx:

  • Vitamin and mineral complex
    Eliminates the sensation of tinnitus, relieves dizziness, improves the recognition of sounds reaching the ears from the environment. Cleans the ear canals of wax, normalizes blood supply to the auditory center and stabilizes the hormonal balance.
  • Plant extracts
    Suppress inflammatory processes present in the inner ear; normalize the ability to concentrate on sounds. They remove toxins from the body and begin the healing process of the damaged eardrum. They relieve dizziness, tinnitus and similar symptoms that often impair hearing.
  • Amino acids
    Improve vestibular function; make sounds entering the ear canals clearer and more understandable. They relieve pain, itching and other signs of inner ear inflammation.

How do I take Otoryx?

  • Take a dose of Otoryx Hearing Aid.
    You should use 1 capsule of the product at a time, without splitting it into several parts.
  • Rinse it with Otoryx.
    In order for the product to dissolve well and begin to act, after each capsule it is necessary to drink 200-250 ml of non-carbonated water.
  • Take the next dose of Otorix after 12 hours.
    The nutritional supplement should be taken 2 times a day, observing equal time intervals between the application of capsules.
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