Spray for foot fungus and foot odor

Means for the prevention of foot and nail mycoses with fungicidal and fungistatic action.

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Onixan Spray is a brand new moisturizing and refreshing spray for skin and toenails. Its manufacturer is very popular on the organic cosmetics market thanks to the release of several very effective products.

Onixan spray, if used according to the manufacturer's instructions, can actively counteract the action of fungi, helping to limit the risk of recurrence. As stated on the official website, this spray can help thanks to its rich and safe composition:

  • Counteracts the action of bacteria and fungi;
  • Soothes itching and burns;
  • Counteracts unpleasant bad odor;
  • Relapse Prevention.

Onixan is not a drug and does not require a prescription, it can be used by anyone and has a very fresh and pleasant odor.

Onixan spray is a product developed for the prevention of foot and nail mycoses with natural fungicidal and fungistatic action. The active ingredients present in the Onixan formula are able to counteract the harmful effects of most types of fungi.

Onixan spray contains 30 active natural ingredients, each of which has a targeted yet synergistic effect with the rest of the formula. Here is the list of ingredients

  • Cascade;
  • Glycerin;
  • Alcohol;
  • Glyceret-8 wheat germ oil esters;
  • Panthenol:
  • Polysorbate 80;
  • Quercus Robur bark extract;
  • Sage leaf extract;
  • Flavor;
  • Bulbs;
  • Salicylic acid;
  • Propylene glycol;
  • Octenidine hydrochloride;
  • phenoxyethanol;
  • Ethylhexylglycerin;
  • coumarin;
  • eugenol;
  • cinnamaldehyde hexyl;
  • Butylphenylmethylpropional;

Here are 3 steps for topical application of Onyxan Spray:

  • Spray a small amount of Onyxan Spray directly onto the previously clean and dry affected area.
  • Rub it in with gentle massaging motions.
  • Repeat the procedure twice a day for a whole month.
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