-17% Green coffee MIX

Green coffee MIX

Weightloss remedy

Safe, effective way to lose weight naturally.

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Green coffee MIX is an absolutely natural product of organic origin.

Green coffee MIX, green monosort consists of 100% selected Arabica beans. 

This type of coffee produces a mild drink with pronounced floral tones, which are complemented by a juicy citrus acidity.


Grind or crush green coffee beans. (If you can't crush or grind), just take a glass of water approx. 150ml and put a teaspoon (10-15 beans) of green coffee bean in the glass. Put it on the fire and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and simmer for about 8-10 minutes over low heat (about 90 degrees), then pour through a sieve to remove the grains. The healthy green coffee drink is now ready to drink! You can add a little honey or cardamom for taste.


1 cup 30 minutes before breakfast and 1 cup 30 minutes before dinner. Instructions for best result: Some of the foods high in uric acid that you should avoid include: - Avoid eating fast foods and oil. - Avoid alcohol as it limits the elimination of uric acid from the body.

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-17% Green coffee MIX
Green coffee MIX

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